Why more guidance is needed about health and safety in the workplace

Why more guidance is needed about health and safety in the workplace

For office managers, making sure that workspaces adhere to the seemingly ever-growing list of health and safety regulations can be challenging. But as an article on reports, consultants are warning that leaders still aren't getting it quite right, and more education is needed about what is, and isn't, necessary.

With new 'horror stories' regularly emerging from the world of work, the article notes - there are many bosses who still seem to be confused about office safety laws and covers both extremes - from leaving rooms completely empty to avoid accidents, to workers balancing ladders on desks in order to change a light bulb.

Some other startling stories include training staff how to use the office kettle and microwave and then at the other end of the spectrum, fire doors being wedged open with fire extinguishers for ease of access.

Mark Hall, a spokesperson from risk assessment company, explains that: "Stories of over-the-top protection are still out there, as are alarming tales of workers risking life and limb on a daily basis.

"Both clearly show that training in health and safety is still as relevant as ever, both in the boardroom and the shop floor."

Hall believes that a lack of proper training is the main cause of excessive health and safety policing, as without this managers often make "bewildering decisions". Effective training teaches those responsible to assess potential risks and then make decisions with a clear and rational head.

Although workplace deaths have dropped significantly, the figure of 133 deaths for the year 2013/14 is still too high, Hall stresses.

If you're not 100% sure whether your company is meeting the necessary health and safety requirements, our facilities management packages offer advice about anything from fire safety to ensuring all your equipment meets health and safety guidelines.


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