Why office location is so crucial in attracting and retaining top talent

Why office location is so crucial in attracting and retaining top talent

'Good transport links, close to the centre, in good proximity to a selection of nice bars and restaurants, with lots of parking' - this could be the wish list for an apartment or town house but it also bears relevance to prime office space.

Just as location is important on the domestic front so it continues to play a significant role in the commercial environment. Despite the changing business model and the rise of the homeworker, a good location is a bonus for a business and its brand.

There is a trend for smaller companies to move into city or town centre premises as their turnover increases and they begin to grow their team. This is because, as well as sending out a strong message to existing and potential customers about the fortunes of the company, good location can play a key role in attracting new members of staff. In fact, office location is a classic tool in the recruitment of top talent.

Although fewer office workers actually need to be present in the office environment thanks to the ever-improving sophistication of technology, for those that do, where that office is can be highly relevant.

For example, for workers in their twenties and thirties, particularly the ones not yet committed to young families, being in a city or town centre gives them immediate access to the type of retail and leisure environments where they will want to spend their free time and disposable income.

It is therefore critical to determine the optimum locale weighing rental costs and other related charges against what that location can bring to the party. This includes the amount of staff that stand to benefit and the time they are present in the building; face to face relations with clients and how often they are expected to occur on the premises; the status and credibility the new address will bring and how likely it is to attract and retain talent.

The latter is perhaps the most crucial factor as your staff is, in effect, your company. Who you employ speaks volumes about you and sets the standard for the services you provide. The office simply provides the backdrop to keep them happy...

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