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The workplace environment is a key contributor to the success of any business. Not only does it impact on employee performance and productivity, but it also speaks volumes about the business and its capabilities. This means it’s essential to select the right office in which to establish your business, especially in Central London.

Sourcing the right office can be daunting, especially when it comes hand in hand with organising a fit out or refurbishment and the actual office relocation. Place these tasks on top of a normal workload and it can be overwhelming – that’s where Saracen can help.

A Unique Approach

We not only work with the best commercial estate agents in London, but also take a very different approach to other workplace consultants. Whilst most get involved at the fit out stage, we prefer to get involved right from the beginning of the process, before a new workplace has been chosen.

With over three decades of workplace design experience, we know what makes a great commercial space. And as we work with the most successful London commercial estate agents, we can liaise with these specialists on your behalf, saving you time and money.

Why Engage a Commercial Agent?

By engaging a London commercial agent, you’ll benefit from their experienced advice regarding suitable buildings and office space, but you’ll also cut out the propensity for error that accompanies going it alone. An experienced commercial agent can help you to source, shortlist and negotiate the terms on a new workplace within a fixed budget, empowering you to find the best workspace at the best price.

As a result, you’ll not only stand a much better chance of securing the perfect office space, but you’ll also cut out the legwork and remove the risks involved.

Choosing the Right Commercial Agent

Because choosing the wrong commercial agent can spell disaster, we choose our partner agents with care, following a strict qualification process to ensure you engage the best property specialist for your workplace needs.

Whether it’s a national agency or a local agent with specialist knowledge, you can rest assured that our property consultants will always ensure you engage the best commercial agent. Our London and Manchester office Refurbishment agents are always happy to help out.

The Right Information to Find the Right Property

Imparting the right information at the earliest stage is crucial. Once you’ve appointed a London commercial agent, it’s essential that they’re given a detailed brief covering your exact workplace requirements and specifications.

Armed with the knowledge of how your business operates day-to-day and your future growth and development plans, our property consultants will put together a Property Specification Brief (PSB) to ensure you’re presented with the best property options.

... Does the space work for you?

How suitable your new office space will be ultimately rests on whether it works for your business. Before the final decision to buy or lease office space is made, our workspace analysts will map out the space to form a test fit layout. This provides a guide to the space’s suitability and allows you to make decisions with confidence.


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