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Following an initial workplace assessment, Saracen completely stripped and refitted 10,000 square feet of commercial space in Reading for the risk and asset management software and services provider, including mechanical and electrical services.

The project was won at competitive tender and we spent a lot of time, in the early planning stages, ensuring that we could present to the client the most effective use of space, incorporating all the requested features.

We’re developing a strong reputation across the industry for our design work and this job reflects the level of creativity and attention to detail that Saracen is renowned for when it comes to to space planning.

Michael Page, joint managing director of Saracen Interiors

Although the design included an open-plan space offset by a series of offices, the client was keen to diffuse any feelings of ‘them and us’ and to discourage staff from congregating in any one area.

Saracen countered any potential issues by installing high level glazing above the print hub on the first floor, encouraging optimum light flow as well as serving an acoustic purpose and promoting a sense of added space.

Audatex had considered retaining the suspended ceiling throughout but was encouraged by the designs, including feature bulkheads over the teapoint and break out areas, which emhasised a change in the use of space and broke up the monotony of a single suspended ceiling running throughout

Meeting booths were also included to allow people the opportunity to take themselves away from their desks and seek out a quiet space, when required.

The refurbishment was undertaken in phased stages to ensure the 112-strong Audatex team was able to continue to operate with a ‘business as usual’ approach for its customers. Although working in an occupied office presented the team with its greatest challenge, it also allowed the project to evolve and enabled a collaborative approach to be enjoyed by the consultant and the client through all key stages.

As a dynamic technology company, it is vital we remain focused on enabling our teams to collaborate and innovate and this refit recognises that need.
Saracen offered us the expertise to create the highest level of specification for our offices, harnessing the latest technology to build not only a stimulating and contemporary workplace for employees, but a centre of excellence for customers, prospects and partners to benefit from.
Nicola Mascard, operations director, Audatex