The Saracen One Minute Guide Series are a selection of exclusive, succinct information booklets designed to help you in your pursuit of an ideal workspace. Click on the title of each guide to download a flipbook.

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Does your office have sex appeal?

The way that we design and lay out our workspaces is constantly evolving, and it seems that new trends surface and subside nearly every year. Some of these are little more than aesthetic fads seemingly pushed aside almost as quickly as they were embraced. But others have more staying power.

Shhh… The Secret of Moving Office in 7 Easy Steps

Office moves in London are strenuous, to say the least, but it doesn't have to be that way. Our extensive experience has allowed us to perfect our system. Relocating to a new workplace need not be as complicated as you think. Saracen Interiors specialises in office relocation in London, removing a lot of the hassle from the process.

Finding Your Perfect Space

Sourcing the right office can be daunting, especially when it comes hand in hand with organising a fit out or refurbishment and the relocation. Place these tasks on top of a normal workload and it can be overwhelming – that's where Saracen can help.

So You Think You’ve Finished? What Everyone Forgets

The office interior design process isn't something that can be rushed into, but instead requires experience, expertise and meticulous planning to deliver results. This is why it's key to work with an experienced, innovative and passionate interior office designer to ensure your brief is translated into the results you want delivered.

50 Shades of Green

Saracen has a deep understanding of sustainable office design and how to deliver a truly green office fit out. Although a sustainable office will cost you more to start with, Saracen can help you understand how to mitigate some of these costs and understand the long term benefits.

Are You Sitting Comfortably?

Office furniture should never be just an addition to your work environment, and it should certainly never be an afterthought. Taking the time to select commercial office furniture that complements your workplace environment and layout, and meets your current and future business needs, is a vital aspect of ensuring optimum efficiency and productivity in the modern workplace.

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