Office Refurbishment to Revitalise Your Business

We’re one of the leading office refurbishment companies in London

The team at Saracen Interiors has more than three decades of office refurbishment experience. As a result, we’ve become known across London and throughout the UK as a leading provider of workplace revitalisation.

From small office fit-outs to major office refurbishment projects in multi-storey buildings – our team has seen it all, and we treat every refurb job with the same level of professionalism.

Project Management for All Office Interior Refurbishment Services

When you commission Saracen Interiors to take care of office fit outs or a refurbishment project within the UK, you can count on seeing results that exceed your expectations. All of our workplace optimisation services feature a dedicated project manager.

This person will be your single point of contact, and they’ll help ensure seamless delivery of your new office interior.

Budget-Friendly Office Refurbishment in London

We place the utmost importance on honesty and transparency. To ensure you understand where the costs of your commercial office refurbishment project are allocated, we’ll provide you with a detailed schedule

Outlining exactly how we will carry out your project and precisely how much it will cost. This will include everything from our interior office design services to the cost of your new office furniture.

Integrate Your IT and Telecom Systems

Dependable IT and telecoms are essential to the success and efficiency of any modern business. In fact, this is an area of principle concern for many of our clients.

We employ an experienced technical team who will reorganise and integrate your IT and telecoms systems into your new office space. And we’ll accomplish this with minimal disruption to your daily operations.

Office Refurbishment without Disruption

Refurbishing an office often entails major disruptions, but not when Saracen is on the job. One of our top priorities is to fit out and refurbish your work space without the need to bring daily operations to a halt.

We accomplish this, in part, through careful planning – and by getting to know the ins and outs of your daily operations before we actually begin. And in the event that phased occupation is more desirable, we’ll help you accomplish this as effortlessly as possible.

Ensure Your Building Services Meet Your New Office Requirements

Workplace building services such as air conditioning, heating, lighting, power and ventilation systems play a crucial role in the daily operations of any organisation. They affect employee comfort and satisfaction, and contribute directly to productivity and efficiency.

Our design and installation teams are dedicated to understanding your current building services in order to ensure that any alterations or enhancements continue to meet the requirements of your new work space. You can learn more about our facilities management services here.

Health and Safety Compliance for All Office Relocation and Refurbishment Projects

At Saracen, we take health and safety seriously. We’re CHAS Accredited, which means we’re independently assessed to ensure our Health and Safety procedures meet national standards set for office spaces.

When it comes to safety, we refuse to take chances with our clients or our own employees.

If you are looking for creative office refurbishment in London or across the UK, Saracen Interiors has the skills and experience you require.

Contact us today to learn more.