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Boosting Workplace Positivity: Productive Environment

Boosting Workplace Positivity: Productive Environment

Improving the dynamic at work, and creating a better working environment, depends a lot on positivity and the ability to generate such emotional responses from within the team.

The general attitude in the office has an effect on every person who works there and impacts on the environment overall. The difference between a good, shared attitude and a bad attitude ultimately influences all outcomes for the company so it’s important for everyone - employers, employees and clients – to get it right.

Negative thinking drains all motivation and impacts on productivity. It doesn’t leave any room for good results and, if it exists, it has to be tackled head on as it, most certainly, spreads. Meeting the negative, armed with something positive, can make a real difference and it’s always good to approach any issues by outlining clearly what can be gained.

Overall, people generally feel more positive about a situation if they feel that there’s something to be gained by being a part of it – and that’s especially true when it comes to work and the workplace.

For example, if workers are taking on extra work, it pays for the employer to be transparent. If you’re in a management position, it’s always better to tell the team as much as possible; if it’s a staffing issue that is being dealt with, the team will be more agreeable if the issue is discussed openly.

It also helps to manage the expectation with regard to how long they can expect the situation to go on and presents the opportunity to let them know that their support has been noted and will be rewarded.

If extra work can be rewarded with a bonus, all well and good, but even if it’s only drinks and pizza in the office – it’s an acknowledgement and a thank you and it will encourage good will in the future.

Similarly, a positive attitude from the employee is more likely to pay off in the long-term for that individual and will help them to cope better with any stresses at work and to achieve their career goals. Employers can support this by encouraging good relations between staff. This can be done by organizing social events, providing shared spaces for use during downtime and factoring in some team building exercises.

It’s also worth encouraging self-motivation. Employees should be encouraged to set their own goals so that they feel attached to them and have a sense of responsibility. Having a sense of ownership drives far better results and makes workers generally feel more happier and in control.

And finally, if you are the boss or manager, foster and encourage good communication. If there is an open door culture and workers are invited to talk through any issues and to speak up with any perceived problems, there is less likelihood that bad feeling will fester.

Again, this is a great opportunity to promote the positive with the door being open for ideas and problem-solving rather than just to report the problem itself.

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