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Saracen Group has been officially appointed as the official design and build partner for Squire’s Garden Centres.
Ever since the Northern Powerhouse Strategy came into being, in 2014, steady exponential and promising growth has been noted up in the North.
23 March 2021
The release of the new operational regulations, regarding the hospitality industry, has ultimately left many scrambling to adapt accordingly in creating indoor and outdoor spaces that are compliant.
In as much as we often complained about the office life, I am certain that most of us are missing the interaction with colleagues and friends. Given the circumstances, it is totally understandable. Bu
It is without a doubt that Covid-19 has led to many drastic changes within the business world, which has ultimately shifted priorities, challenged some business structures, procedures and practices an
As a unique and leading edge company, Saracen Group have secured a contract with the forward thinking, Queen Mary’s College in Hampshire
We are pleased to have assisted global giant Firstsource with the planning of their 40,000 sq ft office fit out in Middlesbrough.
The 10,000 square foot refurbishment of the office space in the Dumbarton facility ran from September until late early January, transforming the space into a modern working environment allowing for a
The unpredicted effects of Covid-19 are not foreign concepts but are instead, harsh and tangible realities that have affected and influenced many different spheres.
While 2020 had its challenges and we are heading into 2021 with uncertainty as we deal with the tail ends of Brexit and COVID-19 we are optimistic that this will be a prosperous year for many business
The 10,000 square foot refurbishment of the office space in the Dumbarton facility will run from September until late December, transforming the space into a modern working environment allowing for a
Saracen Group is further strengthening its portfolio of projects in the north with a start on site for global call & business process management centre Firstsource.
On site beginning the office refurbishment for long term client Aggreko at their manufacturing facility in Dumbarton Scotland.
As 2020 has been a very different year for all of us we have become accustomed to virtual or online meetings while working from home... however...
What does this all mean for office spaces?
17 March 2020
At Saracen Group we have evaluated the situation and while we are all isolated to avoid the virus spreading any further, we do also realise the importance of being there for our clients.
Fast-growing office fitout and design company Saracen Interiors has won the contract to transform part of a major office building into co-working space at the heart of Dundee’s £1 billion waterfront r
Office refurbishment. Why do it? And what does it involve? The biggest 'why' of all is why to refurb in the first place.
19 December 2018
14 December 2018
12 December 2018
10 December 2018
Its definition lies in its reference to startups that develop new technologies for the property business.
Once again, we’ve been nominated for a Mixology award (third year in a row !). This time, we’re up for Design and Build Company of the Year, which highlights the standard of our work across a number
20 June 2018
Some recent reports suggest that those employees who are in the office over the summer don’t think that employers support them enough through the summer months, from providing better air conditioning
It’s been a year since we opened our doors in Manchester’s Media City and, I’m delighted to say, we’re still going strong. It was definitely the right choice as a second base for us.
We’re living in an age where there has ceased to be a filter. Constant sharing on social media and the ease at which retailers request (and are given) all sorts of information.
Leading workplace consultant, Saracen Interiors has appointed senior designer, Alanna Brown. The appointment is expected to drive forward the company’s plans to enrich its award-winning design proposi
With Spring yet to make an appearance and snow and storms bringing half the country to a halt in recent weeks, the effect that the weather has on productivity in general has never been so relevant.
An eight-week project, the fit out has been expressly designed to enhance the brand for Enviva, as it expands its physical presence in the UK market, bringing its logo and corporate colours
15 February 2018
Carillion wasn’t entirely unexpected as there had been a slew of increasingly negative profit warnings, however the company moving straight into liquidation proved more surprising.
08 February 2018
As the trend continues for more open and fluid office spaces, it’s no surprise that kitchens and breakout spaces are pulling focus at this moment in time. With businesses opening up these spaces to cr
23 January 2018
Traditions of hospitality are rooted in comfort and high design – chic interiors, superior furnishings - so it’s no great surprise that the more upmarket hotels are bearing the standard for office spa
17 January 2018
The team, currently playing in the Hampshire County Womens’ Football League, needed a business to sponsor its practice kit and, when Petra and Helen approached us, we were keen to step forward and to
Our clients, during 2017, have established a clear pattern for wanting to make their own mark and so the last year has been as much about helping companies to stand out and create environments that re
So, if clothes do maketh the man (and the woman), should we be extra careful of what we choose to wear to work, or to a meeting, or can we allow ourselves to relax and become more comfortable
Having logged a 20 per cent increase in our forward order book, we’ve also raised annual turnover by almost 50 per cent, thanks to some large contract wins, an unprecedented amount of repeat business
As the trend continues for more open and fluid office spaces, it’s no surprise that kitchens and breakout spaces are pulling focus at this moment in time.
30 November 2017
It’s been almost six years since we set up our Small Works division and the team continues to go from strength to strength
The wide scope of the recognised working age means that the office has always been a blended environment
11 October 2017
Branding exists to differentiate you from the competition while providing your customers with an idea of what they can expect from your services (or products).
21 September 2018
The general attitude in the office has an effect on every person who works there and impacts on the environment overall.
05 September 2017
As the trend continues for more open and fluid office spaces, it’s no surprise that kitchens and breakout spaces are pulling focus at this moment in time.
It sounds very modern and liberating to work for a company that endorses such boundless boundaries but are we getting more freedom or are we simply shackling ourselves to an invisible desk,
The company has now taken over the first floor of the Red Lion Buildings on Cock Lane in Smithfield, adding to its space by an extra 10,000 square foot with a tailored design, encompassing unique
19 July 2017
Industry body RICS has cautioned that UK construction could lose in the region of 200,000 workers should Britain lose access to the single market
‘Through the line’, a term most commonly used in marketing to describe campaigns that have a complete 360 degree approach,
The course may have been set 12 months ago, when the UK voted to leave the European Union, but the period of uncertainty is still with us
Saracen Interiors has completed a fit out project for Consort Medical at the leading global contract development and manufacturing organisation’s new offices at Breakspear Park.
Leading workplace consultant, Saracen Interiors has completed work for life insurance provider, Reassured working closely with its landlords Biz Space
It’s predicted that up to 75 per cent of the global workforce will be made up of millennials by 2025 so, for company bosses and senior management
Leading workplace consultant, Saracen Interiors has completed work at the new UK address for Samsung Bioepis at Profile West in Brentford
Leading workplace consultant, Saracen Interiors has completed a fast-track fit out project for Royal Jordanian
23 May 2017
The link between our wellbeing and nature is no new thing. The Victorians were on to it years ago when they were building their gardens and sending the weak and infirm to the countryside
It’s a great honour to feature in this category. It’s one of the most prized lists to make in the industry and so, (it probably goes without saying !),
The designs that feature highly on a lot of our client lists at the moment include elaborate breakout areas and allow for a mix of entertainment.
With Labour sinking rapidly in the polls perhaps it shouldn’t have come as quite the surprise it did when Theresa May announced an early election last week.
Initially a South East concern, Saracen has made an impact across the whole of the UK in the last decade.
Glassdoor’s list of the UK’s top ten coolest offices found its way onto the Mailonline last week...
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