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Design and Build Company of the Year!

Design and Build Company of the Year!

Once again, we’ve been nominated for a Mixology award (third year in a row !).

This time, we’re up for Design and Build Company of the Year, which highlights the standard of our work across a number of projects over the last 12 months.

The judges’ comments are immensely gratifying, ranging from a nod to our rapid growth and the fullness of our offering (cited as giving us an ‘extra edge’) to the variety of our projects and our outstanding ability to reflect the clients’ brands.

And we’re in good company too. Well done to Oktra, Modus and Thirdway for also making the list. It’s healthy competition and the standard, as usual, is high.

It’s a great category to be in. Design and build, once deemed inferior to architect-led projects, is becoming more accepted across projects of all sizes and the design element is one particular area in which Saracen excels.

Client expectation around design has reached an all-time high and we are all striving to submit the most creative, fit for purpose designs that reflect the clients’ brands, while pleasing the end-user. The challenge is to excite and inspire while also delivering to budget.

Apparently the number of entries for the Mixology18 Awards was higher than ever before making the judges’ job an even tougher one all round. Given that the market is so competitive, at the moment, we are all looking for ways to stand out and promote our brands. These awards - among the most prestigious and well-known in our sector - are an extremely effective endorsement, positioning those who make the shortlist as industry leaders who are worthy candidates for the bigger and more demanding projects that are currently up for grabs.

This specific award also reflects a complete team effort as we are being measured by overall performance rather than one specific job. It’s great to have the complete quality of work, across our portfolio and all of our services, recognized, along with the acknowledgement that we have achieved so much in the course of just one year.

So, on behalf of all the team at Saracen, thanks a lot to all at Mix Interiors, and the judges, and we look forward to seeing you at the awards ceremony on 21st June.

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