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Renowned Queen Mary College: Saracen Group's E-Sports Win

Renowned Queen Mary College: Saracen Group's E-Sports Win

As a unique and leading edge company, Saracen Group have secured a contract with the forward thinking, Queen Mary’s College in Hampshire, through detailed and close collaboration during the crucial tender stages. The project is targeted at providing a renovated and modern ground floor, first floor and an even more inviting entrance to one of their campus blocks to accommodate an E-gaming room and additional facilities for the growing college.

For a number of weeks, the Saracen team has worked closely with Queen Mary’s College to define and develop the core details and scope of works for the project, to ensure that the best possible outcome is achieved. This 6-week programme to deliver a one of kind eSports is set to take-off in the next few weeks, where we as a company aim to deliver nothing but perfection and help the holistic college gain an immeasurable value within the educational sector. The vibrant and diverse college takes pride in providing the best possible opportunities for the students and at Saracen we take pride in being able to transform their vision into a reality.

Queen Mary’s College rightfully holds their position as being one of the best in their region and in the top 15% of colleges in the United Kingdom due to their effortless yet intentional incorporation of modern and innovative learning environments and approaches which Saracen is happy to be a part of and contribute to. Our driven team of experts, here at Saracen, intend to produce an outcome suited and complementary to the exceptional core values of the college being equality, diversity and inclusion.

At Saracen, we are confident in our abilities and potential contribution to Queen Mary’s College and look forward to sharing the journey with you, from the development stages right till the finished product.

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