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How Texture, Materials & Colours Affect the Work Environment

How Texture, Materials & Colours Affect the Work Environment

Texture, materials, and colours can have a significant impact on the work environment, influencing everything from mood and productivity to overall comfort and satisfaction. While seemingly small, these elements hold water within work environments.


Texture refers to the surface quality of materials, such as smoothness, roughness, or softness. A work environment with a variety of textures can create interest and stimulate creativity. A space with limited texture may feel sterile and uninspiring. The texture of furniture and accessories can also impact comfort and functionality, such as a soft cushioned chair versus a hard wooden one.



The choice of materials in a workspace can impact the overall aesthetic and comfort level of the environment. Natural materials, such as wood and stone, can create a warm and inviting atmosphere, while synthetic materials can be interpreted as cold and impersonal. Additionally, certain materials may impact the acoustics of the space, such as concrete or metal surfaces that can create echoes and noise.

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The colours used in a work environment can have a significant impact on mood and productivity. Bright colours, such as yellow and orange, can stimulate energy and creativity, while cooler tones, such as blue and green, can create a calm and peaceful environment. Neutral colours, such as beige and grey, can create a clean and professional look, but can also feel sterile and uninspiring if not considered and incorporated carefully.

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A professional curated combination of these factors can create a comfortable, aesthetically pleasing space that promotes creativity, productivity, and well-being. Saracen’s team of seasoned expertise allows for careful attention to detail to be paid with each project. Transforming your office spaces into everything you’ve dreamed using simple yet pertinent components of texture, materials and colour.


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