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The Importance of Designing for the Brand

The Importance of Designing for the Brand

Office spaces can be seen as the heart of business culture. Through designing for the brand, an office space naturally adopts a unique identity that can iterate the reason an organisation exists and set a standard for behaviour, values and culture.

Often achieved through the use of colours, fabrics, equipment, facilities and office layout, with careful attention to detail, office branding can effectively transform the space, the employees and the clients.

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Simple design additions such as the use of brand colours, lighting, graphics, wall finishes and having designated spaces, can successfully encapsulate the desired company culture and form an inspiring environment.    


First impressions count for human interactions, and the same goes for your company. CR Magazine found that 92% of employees would consider leaving their job if they were offered a position in a company that branded their offices well. Additionally, employee turnover is expected to be reduced by 28% in companies that have invested in good office branding.



Saracen has, with careful consideration on each project, strived to design for the brand and deliver spaces that embody the different brand visions and values. The design team have seamlessly blended bright colours, brand colours, artwork and designated breakout zones and kitchen areas on each project.



Office spaces have been dappled by the team with striking wall art, inspirational quotes and brand colours to create an unforgettable ambiance designed specifically for the brands and their cultures – going beyond office design and creating a space that inspires.

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