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Green Office Design: Boost Productivity and Sustainability

Green Office Design: Boost Productivity and Sustainability

There are several key reasons why you should have an environmentally friendly office. Not only is this quickly becoming a common trend as climate concerns grow, but it will also give you many benefits – both short-term and long-term. These are just a few of the ways they can help you beyond the simple joy of doing the right thing, while also keeping up with the latest trends in modern corporate office interior design.

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1. A Green Office Is Sustainable

Your green office design ideas do not start and end with aesthetics - you can make better choices in supplies to make sure that your business reduces its carbon footprint. Investing in more efficient electronics or reducing your company’s use of paper can go a long way towards helping to reach this goal. You can also switch to LED bulbs or turn everything off at the end of the day - these small changes add up and save money over time by reducing energy consumption.

With reduced expenditure, you can put your business’s money to other, better uses.

2. A Green Office Is More In Touch With Nature

Green offices work in tandem with the philosophy of biophilia – the idea that we as a species have a strong bond with nature. Along these lines, studies have found that even just the presence of potted plants can help productivity, and the oxygen they release is also beneficial for employee health – and we wonder if they may even help to combat Sick Building Syndrome. In fact, biophilic office design examples even result in fewer sick days. Outside of this, you cannot underestimate the psychological effects of a nice-looking office; this alone will make your workers enjoy their days that little bit more.

We recently read that a study carried out in the Netherlands and the UK found that plants in large commercial offices had a really positive influence – perceptions of air quality and concentration improved, as did productivity!

3. A Green Office Has More Natural Light

Your employees work much better in the natural light provided by a well-designed green office. By exchanging your lighting systems for big windows that are well-positioned, you will cut down on power costs, reduce eye strain and help your workers wake up more naturally. Natural light is instrumental in regulating our circadian rhythms – it can help our body figure out when and how it needs to be alert, letting everyone in the office apply themselves best.

A commitment to innovative office design will save you money while also boosting the productivity of your employees, giving it plenty of practical purposes. At Saracen, we specialise in providing office design concepts, with a strong focus on green solutions so that your workplace can not only look nice but truly change for the better. For more information on how we can revitalise your office,
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