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Enhance Workplace Wellness: Biophilic Design & Green Spaces

Enhance Workplace Wellness: Biophilic Design & Green Spaces

The release of the new operational regulations, regarding the hospitality industry, has ultimately left many scrambling to adapt accordingly in creating indoor and outdoor spaces that are compliant, appealing and comfortable for employees and customers. The concept of going green may be a vast change for many, however it may not be as complicated as it seems.

The simple inclusion of plants, flowers and moss in any space, can collectively contribute several benefits which stem further than just to add colour, texture and interest. The advantages often further extend into providing numerous positive health and well-being attributes, both mentally and physically. Saracen, for many projects, often works closely with specialist suppliers like Benholm Group, to ensure that we keep our finger on the pulse on all things green.

These advantages include but are not limited to:

  • Purifying the air
  • Increasing humidity (moisture in the air)
  • Adding to the aesthetics of a space
  • Reducing stress levels
  • Lowering anxiety and depression
  • Creating a peaceful ambiance
  • Improving productivity and creativity

Incorporating biophilic design into your business’s appearance ultimately serves to improve one’s overall connection with the natural environment. The concept of biophilic design, however encompasses a vast array of elements which are often overlooked. While on the surface it reconnects us with nature, it is firmly rooted in elements such as light, natural materials, air movement, natural design elements, acoustics and more.

It is based on the principle that contact and exposure to nature is a basic human need, as opposed to an individual choice. Although it is not a new concept, we have seen cities and offices designed in a way that separates us from nature in the past. It is because of this that Saracen chooses to do things differently, through companies like Benholm Group being a part of the designs drawn up.

We have worked with a number of clients and continue to work with clients on installing living walls and incorporating many other plant life aspects in office spaces. Why not make your office and your business feel like a home away from home? A space that inspires, revives and relaxes all those within it, may only be a plant or two away.




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