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Northern Powerhouse Growth: Saracen's Impact & Expansion

Northern Powerhouse Growth: Saracen's Impact & Expansion

Ever since the Northern Powerhouse Strategy came into being, in 2014, steady exponential and promising growth has been noted up in the North. The most recent release of the new budget outline, shows further investment and financial support from the government, being set aside to continue elevating the cities within this project.

It is not surprising that many companies have, in the recent years, relocated to the North in attempt to grasp the new opportunities and inherit the support of the development. With lower property and living costs as compared to London, as well as the current shift in the property market and dynamics of businesses, due to the pandemic, the ‘Northern Powerhouse’ now, has more going for it than ever before.

Having identified Manchester as the epicenter of growth for the ‘Northern Powerhouse’, Saracen began to invest and build in the area. Now, through the utilisation of our established Manchester office in Media City, located next to BBC, Saracen has been able to further expand and effectively develop and has played a significant part in fueling and contributing to this ‘powerhouse’. From completing works for a number of clients up north in West Quay Manchester, Sunderland, Warrington and Middlesbrough and more! to sponsoring a local kid’s football team in Wakefield, it is safe to say that the North is indeed progressing steadily. We have even gone as far as Scotland with our long term client Aggreko Energy Solutions, assisting them with their property portfolio nationwide.

The government and chancellor’s latest speech announcement heavily founded the North as an optimistic growth point. It is not news that the North has always been a little bit behind schedule, however with the continued investment in businesses and skills around the area, bringing it up to speed seems to be on the horizon and under way.

Saracen has worked effectively in building from its previously established links in the North and has managed to widen its reach and strengthen connections with businesses over the years. This has ultimately given the company a solid platform on which we can, as Saracen, support businesses in the midst of the new and revived progression.

As the government continues to support the Northern Powerhouse strategy, Saracen continues to develop as a company and provide leading assistance in elevating the North.

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