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Supporting Squire’s Garden Centres

Supporting Squire’s Garden Centres

Saracen Group has been officially appointed as the official design and build partner for Squire’s Garden Centres. The contract with the business entails a roll out of a series of projects throughout the United Kingdom.

Our creative and professional input will span across 15 office cites for the garden centres. Specific focus will be placed on refreshing and modernising their staff rooms in attempt to provide a new, rejuvenating and safe environment for the employees to take some time out, have lunch or simply chat.  The team will look to provide a range of specialist services, from installing new kitchens to decorating and furnishing the rooms, to elevate the spaces into comfortable yet efficient places for the staff.

In keeping with the new regulations, a large emphasis has been placed on strict health and safety measures and covid risk assessments as well as adequately working to incorporate these requirements seamlessly into the design and build.

Squire’s Garden Centres is a family-owned business that seeks to give back to the community and we are excited to be joining with them providing them with sites that inspire and induce tranquility.

We are proud to be forming and nurturing good relationships with all our partners and we are delighted to now have Squire’s Garden Centres as part of that. Saracen is looking forward to working and building with Squire’s and sharing every step of the way with you!

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