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The 5 Items That Are Clogging Up Your Office Space

The 5 Items That Are Clogging Up Your Office Space

As the old saying goes, “Clean Space, Clean Mind”. And as it happens, it’s true.

The correlation between office clutter and productivity is well-documented. Studies show that a cluttered and chaotic workspace can restrict brain focus, reduce productivity and increase stress levels. Not only that, but research suggests that disorganised employees can cost managers up to 10 percent of their salary, impacting overall profitability.

In short, clutter is bad for business.

The clutter culprits

Whether you work in a global corporation with thousands of employee’s or a two-man home office, clutter is a universal issue - and there are some key culprits to watch out for:  

Paper - the National Association of Professional Organizations reports that the average employee wastes approximately 4.3 hours per week searching for papers, directly affecting employee output and business profitability - so it’s bad news all around. Rather than hoarding mountains of paper, scan and digitise any paperwork that you can or simply file it away. All paper not needed should be shredded and/or recycled

The freebies - beware the freebie. From branded mugs to novelty USB sticks and promotional t-shirts, desks can easily become a dumping ground of miscellaneous ‘freebie’ clutter. The best way to deal with this particular breed of clutter is not accepting it in the first place

Cables - we’re living in an increasingly wireless world, however, it’s still commonplace to find masses of cables strewn about modern workspaces. Not only do they look unsightly, but they can be a major trip hazard, estimated to cause around 30% of workplace accidents. Floor cable covers and wire organisers are simple solutions to help improve your cable clutter and keep your office safe, clean and organised

Printers and “stuff” - 90’s fax machines. Enormous printers. Computer towers. Whilst sometimes necessary, if you’re limited on space then it may be worth investing in all-in-one technology solutions to help reduce clutter and free up space in your workspace

Digital Declutter - your digital desktop is a lot like the real one. Much like physical clutter, digital clutter can create problems when trying to locate the information you need, causing a decrease in productivity. In addition, research published in 2018 found a link between digital hoarding behaviours and increased stress levels. As such, detoxing your digital space is just as important as your physical space. Devoting time to organising your messy folders, clearing your inbox and cleaning your desktop is worth the investment. 


The benefits of decluttering your office space

Decluttering your workspace is proven to increase productivity, resulting in improved profitability; improve stress levels and overall employee wellbeing; reduce workplace accidents, and increase employee effectiveness - so what have you got to lose? Take a look at your desk and ask yourself, what needs to be here? Do you really need that out-of-date desk calendar? The post-it notes with doodles from 2010? If the answer is no; put it away, file it, recycle it or throw it in the bin.

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