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Why Your Office Needs Real Plants, Not Fake Ones

Why Your Office Needs Real Plants, Not Fake Ones

These days, artificial plants look real, and it can be more tempting than ever to choose a fake plant over a real one, especially if you are worried about looking after it. This article will show that such concerns are unnecessary, as there are plants that are hard to kill, and actually thrive on neglect. It will also highlight the positive impact that real plants can have on your workplace, on your staff, and your visitors.

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Below are 6 reasons why you should choose real plants over the fake variety.

1. Fake Plants Give The Wrong Impression

Fake plants look fake. They can quickly look dusty and faded and it gives the impression that you don’t have the resources to look after a real plant. If that’s the case, how are you going to look after your clients?

2. They Don’t Provide Health Benefits

Offices can be more polluted than you realise, with toxic chemicals from such items as cleaning agents and carpets. Research conducted by NASA found that many plants can reduce air pollutants. Some of these plants include:

• English ivy
• Weeping fig
• Spider plant
• Peace lily

Many of these plants are also very hardy, and don’t require constant maintenance.

It has also been proven that plants can help to reduce stress and increase well-being and improve mental health. Evidence from various studies have shown that plants can have a positive influence on blood pressure, muscle tension and heart and brain activity in as little as 5 minutes.

More and more hospitals are including green spaces in their grounds to enable patients to go outside, rest and recuperate.

3. They Aren’t ‘Green’

Many fake plants are created using harmful chemical dyes and synthetic materials. If they are thrown out, they take a long time to decompose. If real plants need to be disposed of, however, they start to decompose almost immediately.

4. Fake Plants Need Cleaning And Replacing More Often

Artificial plants quickly look dusty, and can soon fade and lose colour, especially if they are in a well-lit position. Dusty fake plants make your office look unkempt and dirty, and the dust can cause breathing problems. You are likely to need to replace your fake plant more often than a healthy real plant.

5. Lots To Choose From

If you chose a fake plant, then you will have a limited variety of plants to choose from. There is a huge selection of real indoor plants you can choose from, from the small humble cactus to the grand monstera plant.

6. They Can Be Less Maintenance Than Fake Plants

Real plants can be less maintenance than fake ones, as they won’t need dusting so much. There are many plants that thrive on neglect and very little water. Some popular types include:

• Succulents/cacti
• Spider plants
• Snake plants
• Wandering jew

The benefits of real plants far outweigh those of fake plants. There are lots of little ways to brighten up your office while you’re waiting for your office fit-out day to come! Contact us to find out more about what we do in the meantime.

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Image source: Unsplash


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